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About Eastsiderz

Eastsiderz – For automotive enthusiasts by enthusiasts is designed to bring together the local community, the automotive culture and those who are interested in being a part of the automotive community. It does not matter what you drive (Bring what you got!), custom, stock, American, import, we will bring together the community with like-minded individuals to not only network but have a good family friendly time!

The days of hard parking in a parking lot for 8 hours at a local car show is distancing itself with a quick cruise to a cars and coffee style event for a better time. Let’s face it, for those of us who cruised to car shows, think back about those memories and describe the favorite part of your day; the cruise to and from the events with your crew, right?! Beyond that moment, the time it takes to clean your vehicle, get settled and sit in the hot baking sun only to maybe win a trophy IF the local judges know what they are doing.

Let’s not get it twisted, they are a lot of great events out there supporting the local communities by hosting events and raising money for charity, those events we will always continue to support by promoting and attending. We would like to take this in a different direction by organizing drive-in movies to local automotive businesses, coordinate a cruise to a museum, destination type drives and plan more overall community outreach programs that bring together local emergency responders, businesses, politicians, just overall bring together the community and have a great time.

“Bring What Ya Got!”

“Bring what ya got” will be a new theme you will see at our current and future events. The aftermarket automotive community is huge, but let’s face it, funds are tight, and more and more people are getting away from “investing” money into their rides. Families take precedence over modifying a vehicle, jobs, just life in general. We would like to bring together folks who are into cars, trucks, anything on wheels. Hence, “Bring What Ya Got” no matter if it is stock or customer, just roll in and enjoy your time!